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FAQ's about edible photos for cake

what are edible photos made of
ingredients are listed here - we now only use USA or UK based suppliers with food regulation compliance
what do edible photos for cake it taste like
we only use high quality odourless products from UK and USA suppliers to ensure your edible pictures are virtually tasteless
how long does an edible image last
it easiest to apply if you use it within 2 weeks - however you can store it in a cool dark place in its air tight packaging for up to 2 months
what sizes do icing photos come in
maximum image sizes are :Rectangle 10 x 7" (26 x 19cm) Square 7 x 7" (19 x 19cm) Circle 7(19cm) diameter Cupcakes 3" - 2" - 1.5" and 1"
click here for more information
what can I put an edible photo on
cakes with almost any icing including sugar paste, fondant, butter cream and royal - you can also put them on biscuits, chocolate and pies - click here for a printable how to use instructions
are photos on icing difficult to apply
no its very easy - just peel it off and place it on your cake - click here for printable how to use instructions
what kind of picture or photo can I use
anything providing it can be sent in digital format or it fits on a scanner if you send a hard copy - your edible image will look the same as the original
how good do edible pictures look
- 100% accurate colour re-production cannot be guaranteed. Certain colour shades are very difficult to re-create with food dye edible ink.
- Icing sheets are are not smooth like quality photo paper - the image will not be as sharp and crisp - very small writing and tiny details are not always clear. We will always advise before printing where these issues exist.
- Icing photos can be compared to the quality of photos that appear in newspapers.
how do I send you my picture
send your digital images via email or the online order form, if you have a hard copy send it in the post together with the mail order form click here for printable mail order form
how do I send large files or server time out error 500 appears
You have a number of options to send large files...
- You can resize them in your image editor (by right clicking the image and clicking on properties you can see the actual size of your image) or you can send them separately by email - remember to give some information that allows us to tie it up with your order form.
- If you are still unable to send your large file - send me an email note and I will contact you directly
will my original picture be cut or altered
no, we scan it and return it, you get your picture back just the way you sent it - any changes you want are made to the image we scan - not your original
how do I get my original picture back
we return it with your order
how can I be sure it will look the way I want it
you can request a proof before we print it
can you alter my picture
yes - click here to see some options - if you can't see what you want, just let us know, we can do almost anything
can you add words to my edible picture
yes, see the full text options on the online order from
how long will take it to get my edible photo
- normal service is 2 to 3 days to print your picture then it is posted using Royal Mail 1st class.
- express service, if you send your image by email before 4.00pm today you can have your edible photo next business day

Icing Pictures
 your partner for edible photos

order before 4.00pm for next day delivery on UK mainland

freephone 0800.246.5812
mobile 07799.113147
whatsapp 07799.113147
email helpdesk@icingpictures.co.uk

9am - 6pm    Mon - Sat

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